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Training Programme on Book Binding for selected Library Assistants

Under the EU funded UNDP - Capacity Development of Local Government Authorities in Eastern Province Project, the Management Development Training Unit has conducted a bilingual training programme on Book Binding with the support of the Eastern Province Local Government Department on 22 - 23, December 2020. This training aims to enhance the bookbinding skills of Library staff serving in the Local Authority Libraries. Mr W.M.Arawinda, Assistant Director (Education and training), Mr Udaya Prasad Kabral, Assistant Director (Conservation and Restoration), Mr C.M.Saffek, Information Assistant, Mr P.H.Ranjith, Book Binding Clerk and Mr Nihal Pushpa Kumara, Book Binding Clerk from the National Library and Documentation Services Board were served as Resource Persons and practical assistants of the Bookbinding training programme.